Tara Carter is a premier real estate concierge in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Tara’s is the lead agent on The Great Florida Homes Team. Her team has generated thousands of referrals resulting in $28 Million closed volume in 2019 alone making her #1 in her Market Center & Top 1% Nationwide.

Tara is a 3rd Generation Realtor, Vice President of Keller Williams Young Professionals for the South Florida region, an 8x BOLD Graduate & recipient of the Cultural Icon Award for 2019. She hosts and teaches monthly at different market centers across the country on a variety of topics including how to go from $0-$10 million through Client Events, hosting successful open houses, growing endless referrals, selling new construction and social media. She is praised for her enthusiasm, relatable teaching style and personalizing the client experience. Tara is known among her peers as a trailblazer for ideas, ethical business and leading the industry in love, generosity and appreciation. Tara lives in Fort Lauderdale and enjoys allkinds of music especially Frank Sinatra, completing the bucket list of visiting all exotic islands and paddle boarding on the ocean when she isn’t closing deals. IntroductionShe is described as a ‘Rising Super Star Producing at the Highest Level using Love, Generosity, and Appreciation!’ Tara Carter has years of experience helping others and the real estate business runs through her veins. She comes from a family of realtors including a start-up company she assisted in operating her family business rehabilitating homes in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. Her background also includes hospitality management, Marketing & VIP Director for well established & large operation in Fort Lauderdale.

Additionally, she carries a vast knowledge of new construction in the area with hands on experience before joining Keller Williams. She is an outgoing professional with a passion for helping others. Overcoming CHALLENGES, she is now consistently rated as a favorite for her high-energy delivery and value-driven approach o sales and service. She has also been named TITLES and has earned AWARDS. Tara is endorsed by America’s Most Connected Agent, Michael J. Maher, and was a Founding Member of his Certified Referral Trainers course. After attending all of the GenGen events for the last 4 years, Tara was requested by Michael to speak on his Mastermind Panel in Vegas in 2017 and Co-Hosting 2019 Referral Mastery Summit in Atlanta alongside Michael. Consistently voted the top ranked speaker at events, Tara’s wisdom and teaching of the (7L) systems help business owners have a business that not only feeds their family, but also feeds their soul – a method to achieve not only success, but also significance. Even though Tara has been given many wonderful titles by the business world, the titles that mean the most to her are daughter and godmother. Tara grew up in Coral Springs, Florida and now lives in Fort Lauderdale.